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How Does It Work?

Desktop Computers have complicated power demands, this is due to the internal software which seeks to reduce the amount of power the computer uses. When switching the computer on, all of the internal components, including the CD/DVD drives are powered. The computer will switch off internal devices once it has established that they are not required. This means that the power demanded by a Desktop Computer can vary from an average of 70 to 350 watts and in some cases less than 2 watts

• Plug & Play – No software required.
• British Standards and RoHS Compliant.
• PC and MAC compatible.
• Energy Saving Trust Recommended
• Powers all Desktop Computer peripherals ON or OFF automatically
• Pays for itself many times over
• Simply PLUG-IN and SWITCH-ON
• Reduces the risk of fire
• Provides high quality surge protection for your whole system
• Increases the lifespan of your equipment
• Warranted for 1 year against faulty workmanship. Your statutory rights are not affected

Specification: DSK105EON

•Auto Calibration
– The EON continuously measures the amount of electricity being consumed by your Desktop Computer in active and standby mode, by learning your computers’ unique energy pattern the EON will only power your peripherals on/off when appropriate. At the right time, every time.

Zero-Crossing Detection – Automatically determines when the power supplied to the peripherals is at an optimum level for creating the least amount of stress to components. Switching at this point, the IntelliPlug™ ensures that less electrical noise is emitted in the form of interference to other electrical products such as the radio and television.

• Quality Surge Protection
– will dissipate surges of up to 532 joules of energy/a peak current of 31,500 amps and includes a thermal fuse in case of a catastrophic spike.

• Lowest standby power of 0.4 watts.
• Saves an average 35 watts per hour depending on the number of connected peripherals. This product can pay for itself in less than a year of use.
• Designed for use in conjunction with trailing adaptors.
• Reaction Time approximately 5 seconds
• Total Maximum Current 13 amps.
• Low energy red neon indicates when the peripheral sockets are on.



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